Worksheet Free Wednesday: Knuffle Bunny Unit

During the month of May, I celebrate Mo Month in the library. Each week, I read a different Knuffle Bunny book with 1st graders. Here are my three worksheet free Knuffle Bunny activities designed to be projected on a dry erase white board. Feel free to copy the slideshows and use them in your library.

Students are introduced to Mo Willems and Knuffle Bunny. After reading the first Knuffle Bunny book, students use a drawing app on the iPad  to drawer their version of Knuffle Bunny. I model drawing my own childhood comfort item, a blanket, by projecting the iPad on the board.

Knuffle Bunny Too Agenda

Students read Knuffle Bunny Too and notice that Trixie says "Kuh-nuffle" while Sonia says "Nuffle." Students discuss and list words that start with a silent K. Before heading off to book selection and centers, students use a dry erase marker to vote for their preferred pronunciation on the white board.

Knuffle Bunny Free Agenda

Students read Knuffle Bunny Free and notice that Trixie called her grandparents Oma and Opa. Students list different ways to say grandma and grandpa. Students will write a quick message to their grandparents (or a classmates grandparent) using a speech bubble like the ones used in Knuffle Bunny. To end our Mo Month celebration, students will pose in front of the green screen with their speech bubble and inset a Knuffle Bunny backdrop.