Setting up Self Circulation in Destiny

My students have been using self circulation in Destiny for over three years now to check out and check in their own books. Obviously mistakes happen occasionally, but I would not (and could not) have it any other way. I teach 24 classes a week in a school of over 500 students. Self circulation frees me up to assist students during checkout and empowers students to take ownership of their account.
Soon, I plan to write a post explaining how I streamlined circulation in my library, but first I wanted to explain the nuts and bolts of creating a self circulation account. 
First you need to create or edit a self circulation access level, locking down every option except for check in, check out, and the catalog. 

Please note that these are the settings that work best for my school, your school might have different needs. Please check with an administrator or the person who supports Destiny for your district before making changes. Start with very limited settings and add new ones later on. I…

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