Managing Library Centers

Years ago, I was inspired by Library Learners and Mrs. Lodge's Library to use centers in my school library. I loved how their free choice options allowed for hands-on learning during circulation. Over time, my centers have evolved and changed as I learned what is manageable for my busy schedule of 25 fixed classes each week.

These days, I change centers monthly. Students can find out which centers are available by checking the center bulletin board or clicking LIBRARY CENTERS on the library website. The link opens up a view only Google Doc which I can easily edit, save, and change out each month. This example shows how students interact with the document (I removed the actual links to my Tumblebooks account and library blog for privacy).

Quiet Reading, Tumblebooks, Puzzle, Library Blog, and Lego Wall are always available. I only have to change out about three activities each month. Students click on the available links to visit web based centers or head to specific tables to learn m…

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Interactive Whiteboard Center

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